About Eliza

I’ve been cooking for a living for fifteen years. I’m self-taught, and people often ask how I got started.

Shortly after moving to Washington, DC, from Mexico City in the late 1990s, I organized a 3-year-long regional culinary program together with the Mexican Cultural Institute, and got to meet and cook with renowned chefs Susana Trilling, Patricia Quintana and Zarela Martinez and many others. I was hooked! 

photo by Santiago Martin

photo by Santiago Martin

 I kept learning through out this time--perfecting techniques, traveling back to Mexico for research and classes, and always experimenting with the best ways to merge the authentic with the adventurous.

 I’ve been catering and teaching  for more than ten years now, sharing a passion for food and cooking with my clients and students.  I currently cater and teach privately and at Culinaerie in DC.

Washington is my second home and has been a fantastic place for me and my husband to raise our kids. We travel often to Mexico and France to visit family, and whenever possible, we arrange new adventures to wherever our cravings take us. 

 Nice to meet you! / Mucho gusto!