About Eliza

Gradually, I moved away from my work in marketing and got into cooking, kept learning by perfecting techniques and traveling back to Mexico for research and classes, and continued experimenting with the best ways to merge the authentic with the adventurous. In Washington DC, I have found a fertile ground to combine the traditional and the contemporary always with an approach for responsible and sustainable food that nourishes and delights.  

 I am an avid promoter and admirer of Latin and Spanish cuisine through my work as a private chef and as a teacher at CulinAerie for eight years and counting. Being in Washington, I am also fortunate to discover and get inspired by great cuisines of the world and be able to work with some, including Finnish cuisine as a caterer for the Embassy of Finland and the Finnish community in DC for over ten years now.  Most recently, I have also partnered with a great nutritionist and friend, Olga Afonsky. Together we take on topics that are central to eating and feeling well while keeping a stress-free attitude around cooking through workshops and a monthly digital collaboration.   

Washington is my second home and has been a fantastic place for my husband and I to raise our children. We travel often to Mexico and France to visit family; and whenever possible, to anywhere else our cravings take us.

Nice to meet you / Mucho gusto


Eliza Gonzalez, personal chef